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Benefits of using Non Tip Feeder.

A horses natural head position when eating is down. Their jaws are aligned when their head/neck is down, when they lift their head above their shoulder level the jaws come out of alignment which over time can cause the teeth to wear unevenly.

“Dental abnormalities are most often seen in stalled horses, horses with little grazing, horses being fed in high feed buckets or hayracks and horses that lack proper dental care. They are less commonly seen in horses that are allowed to graze, are fed in feed buckets on the ground and have proper dental care. It is important for a horse's mandible (lower jaw) to be able to come forward and move side to side when eating. This allows the incisor and molar tables to come together which allows the natural wearing away of the teeth during the mastication (chewing) process. If the horse is eating with it's head up, then the mandible is sliding backwards instead of forwards therefore inhibiting the natural wearing away of the horse's teeth. Along with proper dental care and allowing the horse to eat with it's head down, helps to prevent dental abnormalities.”

Horses are also able to produce more saliva when their jaws are working properly helping easier digestion of the food.


Why use the Non Tip Feeder:

postbullets_tick Natural Feeding position for horse
postbullets_tick Saves money on wasted feed
postbullets_tick Ensures supplements and medication are eaten and not lost on the floor
postbullets_tick Saves constant replacement of broken buckets
postbullets_tick No handles or parts for horses to get their legs trapped in
postbullets_tick Recommended by Horse & Hound Magazine

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